Explain the term erectile dysfunction in detail

As there are a number of men facing this difficulty in their living, they do know about the concern entirely. For the men who do not know about erectile dysfunction, there is just a small justification to this issue. This problem of male impotence stays with the man for a longer period only when it is not detected or taken proper care of by the certain treatment. This dilemma of sexually not being able to make erections is raised in the man due to several other reasons such as a high level of blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, stress and the very first and major cause is the blood not being able to flow properly to the penis.



What can be done to be free from impotence?

The only way out for any problem is either a surgery or through the means of medication and in this case only the medicine can be helpful enough for the man. The product that is dealing with impotence and giving far better results to the men facing this issue is Caverta tablets. This is said to be the best drug possible as it never backs of from showing the person how effective it is. The best thing about the drug caverta is that it has the component with the name Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is best used when the person really wishes to have a proper supply of blood to his penis.

What is the mechanism of the drug?

Make sure that the mechanism is well known by you and that it does not have a negative impact on your health. Basically caverta is been used to break the blockade that is the enzyme called PDE-5 which makes the blood not to flow to the penis and is a threat for the man. Then the drug enters in the picture and makes the story end well that is the effects of caverta are so strong that it makes the enzyme back off and lets the blood flow to the penis in a good amount which can make the man face proper erections while making sex with the partner.

By whom can Caverta be used?

Caverta online can only be used by the men all around the globe.

Who cannot intake the pills of Caverta?

If the person is affected or treated because of the mentioned disorders then he has to make sure to avoid caverta 100mg completely. Problems like heart disease, kidney disorder and diabetes patients are strictly told not to intake the pills of caverta at any cost.

What would take place if the dosage is been missed?

No such major issue would cause as there is no possible chance for the dosage to be missed, the fact is quite simple that the medicine is supposed to be taken when the person wants to have sex. In this manner the person would only take it when necessary so there is no such pointy of the dosage being missed.

Does Caverta helps in arousing the man sexually?

No this is strictly told to men before they have this drug that it works only when the man is already sexually aroused. For a person to face firm erections it is necessary for him to be sexually aroused and this thing is not provided by the drug.

What is the possible dosage for Caverta?

Do not forget the dosage or miss the pattern of the dosage. The initial dosage that is been prescribed to the men is 50mg. It is available in other powers as well and the man can take it as per his convenience. The dosage of 25mg or 100mg is prescribed to the people as per their health conditions or stability.

How should a person consume Caverta?

These pills of cheap caverta are supposed to be eaten up with the help of water and no other food item or drinks. It will show the best effects if taken an hour before one makes love. Also make sure you do not break or chew the ills, have it as it is.

What happens when an overdose is taken?

Overdose basically leads to a lot of problems and side effects and is said to be the major threat for the person and so make sure you avoid an overdose or else of you have the medicine more than prescribed then straight away consult the doctor for it.

What if Caverta fails to show its effects?

It happens to be that the medicine sometimes processes slow and sometimes fails to give you the best effects and so for that you need to be quite patient. One has to make sure that they take the pill for more than one time and then you will find the possible results out of it.

Can the pill be taken in an empty stomach?

Well and good if you do so. An empty stomach shows better effects than a stomach which is full. Always try to have the pills in an empty stomach only.

Does the pill hold any side effects?

Yes, the drug do ahs some sort of side effects and they are vanished off very soon and before one could even think of getting rid of it. Some of them are blurred vision, runny nose, dizziness, and headache and so on.

Storage of the drug

Just like other Viagra or erectile dysfunction pills even Caverta has to be stored at room temperature keeping it safe and far from heat and sunlight. Make sure you store the drug well as the age of the drug depends on that only.

Are the pills of Caverta available in regular stores?

One can only get to buy caverta pills at online sites or stores but not on medical shops.

What precautions must be taken?

One has to take some sort of precautions before the medicine is taken.

  • If one is allergic to the component of Sildenafil citrate then try avoiding the drug.
  • Any sort of grapes related food products or juicy items are supposed to be avoided.
  • Also stay away from alcohol if consuming caverta.
  • The men who are old now have to take guidance from the doctors first.
  • The working could be in danger if fatty or oily food products are eaten so avoid that.


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