Explain the term erectile dysfunction in detail

When we hear the word erectile dysfunction all that hits our minds is the issue of erection. Erections are made by the man when he is making love with his partner. Erectile dysfunction relates to the erection problem where the man fails to make erections due to certain reasons. It states that the man cannot have a better love making session. It mainly carries some reasons that lead him to erectile dysfunction such as inappropriate blood flow, stress or depression, diabetes, heart or kidney related issues etc.

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What can be done to be liberated from impotence?

The best way possible to be free from the issue of impotence is by the use of pills of Kamagra. Kamagra 100mg oral pills are mainly used for treating erectile dysfunction from the men who have been facing it at any point of age limit. Pills of Kamagra are used for treating this sexual issue of impotence. It is said to be a generic medicine but gives the best possible results to the man. With the use of kamagra a large number of men are being able to be free from erectile dysfunction.

What is the mechanism of the drug?

Not many people know the main working and the reasons that happen inside the man. Here is a short explanation about it. An enzyme is seen in the blood of the man which is said to be PDE-5 that makes the blood not to flow properly and to reach to the penis of the man. The only main reason why the man does not face firm erections is not a good flow to his blood. When this enzyme blocks the way of the blood it does not passes properly leading to impotence. When the man makes erections a chemical is released that is said to be nitric oxide. It later on makes the cGMP enzyme to release. This makes the blood vessels to get bigger and then the blood is flown properly to the penis but before that could happen the enzyme named PDE-5 blocks the flow. This pill of Kamagra then makes the blood flow properly to the penis.

By who can be Kamagra used?

The pills of Kamagra online can be safely taken by the men. Here, the age group does not possibly matter and only how far the disorder affects the man, which matters. Men are suggested to take this pill only for treating the issue of impotence and one should not use the pill for any other sexual disorder.

Who cannot intake the pills of Kamagra?

The men who face the problems of kidney, heart and diabetes are suggested mot to have pills of Kamagra. It may cost you to some serious health issues so be careful in all this.

What would take place if the dosage is been missed?

No such problem of the dosage being missed is arrived as the medicine has to be taken only when the person wants to make sex and not all the time. The pill is taken only before making love hence one should not worry about the dosage.

Can women or children practise this drug?

Never let children or women neither take this drug nor even by chance as it can lead to serious health problems. The men who are above the age limit of 18 are asked to take this drug and not all the men.

Does the drug helps in arousing the man sexually?

The medicine does not make the man to arouse sexually. It is used only to treat impotence and not to arouse the man. For the man to make erections it is essential to be sexually aroused.

What is the possible dosage for Kamagra?

The medicine should be taken only by the man but 45 minutes before you have sex with your partner. The pill should be taken only with water. Make sure not to have more than 1 pill in a day. The pill has to be taken fully. Make sure you do not break or crush the pill as it makes the effects to

What happens when an overdose is taken?

There might raise some side effects in a person if they make an overdose. It is always suggested to take limited pill which also means take as per the doctor says. There no such thing like the dosage being missed as the person has to take the medicine only when he makes love.

What if the drug fails to show its effects?

It is natural when such a thing happens. It is okay not to see any results initially. Later on after the drug is taken for more than 2 to 3 times, it gives you the best results then.

Can the pill be taken in an empty stomach?

The drug works best when it is been taken in an empty stomach. Its good to have a light food diet before having sex and the pill as well.

Does the pill hold any side effects?

Firstly, if any serious side effect arises then immediately stop using Kamagra online for sale and consult the doctor. There might arise some serious side effects while taking the pill. Irregular heartbeat, heart attack, less vision of eyes, etc tend to be some side effects that happen to the man. Side effects do not last for a longer duration so not to panic if you face them.

Storage of the drug

It is always good to store the pill in an air tight box as it stays safe out there. The room temperature required for the drug to be stored is 15-30 degrees c.

What precautions must be taken?

It is necessary to take certain precautions before the drug is taken or while it is taken as it keeps you safe enough. The medicine should not be taken before consulting the doctor. Increase or decrease in the dosage on our won could be harmful. Avoid fatty and oily food items. Also shun the use of alcohol.

Can a person get this pill in regular medical stores?

The pill is only available at online stores. Make sure to buy kamagra from trusted sites only.

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